Bookshelf Essentials part 2

In the second edition of ‘Bookshelf Essentials’, the FLF zooms in on contemporary classics, after the 'classic' classics we introduced before.


The twenty titles listed are up there with the international top. Can the language belt called Flanders in the tiny triangle known as Belgium measure up to the giants of world literature? You bet! Comparisons with Proust (Eric de Kuyper, Erwin Mortier), Kafka (Annelies Verbeke, Peter Terrin), W.G. Sebald (Stefan Hertmans) and the American encyclopaedist Richard Powers (Paul Verhaeghen) haven’t been made up.


All the authors and books in this brochure have won prizes and drawn praise, have been read and reread, printed and reprinted, translated.


A number of the award winning titles were immediate bestsellers at home and abroad. To name but a few: Stefan Brijs (exploring the ethical limits of science and religion), Stefan Hertmans (family and the First World War), Dimitri Verhulst (growing up in a family of perpetual beer guzzlers).


Get to know these essential, existential, epic works; a brothel of stories full of poetic, moving, disturbing, taboo-breaking Literature.  In short: genuine Contemporary Classics.

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